You know nursery rhymes, we all told each other when we were little -at least I did-. I didn't think that I could illustrate a nursery rhyme, until this project.
It goes like this (in Turkish):
Al şu takatukaları takatukacıya götür
Takatukacı takatukaları takatukalamazsa
Takatukaları takatukalatmadan geri getir.
In English, it does not really mean anything. It basically says that there are things called "takatuka", which means ashtray (in my story, they are robot pieces), and you have to get those ashtrays get "ashtray-ed" (takatukalatmak in Turkish). In the end, if the ashtrays do not get ashtray-ed, bring the ashtrays back.​​​​​​​
In my story, a father robot gives his little robot son a task to take the robot bits and pieces and go to robot-maker-robot to get a new robot. In the end, the robot maker does not give little guy what he wants and he comes back to his father crying.

This is the form it gets when expanded, the lines in the background comes together as a whole:
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