As a designer, creator and entrepreneur; I take designing efficient interfaces, creating purposeful products and managing strong teams as a way of living. A couple of paragraphs might give you an idea about me, however this is just a short story.
I started making music in 2006 as an amateur beatmaker, made a couple of instrumental hip-hop albums back in the day with a friend from school. Never stopped making beats. Now, I go by the name Grains, also check out my music right here.
I studied Visual Arts and Communication Design. At school, I designed a corporate identity of Grains and designed a typeface to express my music, called Grains Type. In the meanwhile, I made an Arduino-powered touch-to-play music album by only using conductive paint on paper and copper tape. As I began to understand the possibilities that could be done with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, I wanted to explore the world of coding.
I started working at Filika Tasarim as a physical interaction designer and got whatever I can get from these eager-to-teach, beautiful friends there, Selçuk Artut, Alp Tuğan, Kerim Atay and Murat Durusoy. I have worked on a couple of projectssuch as this one.
When it was my time to move forward, I started working at Commencis, actually I had worked there as an intern before, but it was Pozitron back then. When I came back as a full-time UI designer, it was already acquired by Monitise. As you can see on Crunchbase, it got acquired again by Fiserv. Funny right? I have changed four different companies by just sitting on the same chair.
As a senior UI designer for web and mobile applications, I have worked with companies such as Fiserv, İş Bankası, Mobilet, and Zubizu. In the meantime, I challenged myself in UX design with the user experience design team at Commencis until I left.
In the beginning of the global pandemic COVID-19, I was getting ready to take a big step as an entrepreneur, founding my own company. So, I've co-founded two start-ups in 2020 and I'm still learning to manage a company whilst designing new products until this day.
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