If you are an Arctic Monkeys fan like me, I think you will like this. I recreated one of their albums called "Favourite Worst Nightmare" in my drawing style.
I did some illustrations of various characters that I made up from my mind. I listened every song of the album a thousand times maybe, and drew how every each song made me feel. Then, I created characters according to those feelings. In below, you can see every process of the work.
Hope you like it!
Front Cover - Illustration Draft
Back Cover - Illustration Draft
Character Designs for booklet - Illustration Draft
Character Designs for booklet - Illustration Draft
CD Case - Front (The band's name and album's name is printed on a sticker)
CD Case - Back
Front Cover
Back Cover
Side of the case
Front cover - OPEN
Inside cover - OPEN
Inside cover on its back - OPEN
The CD itself
CD sleeve and CD

Here you can see the booklet pages, one by one:
As it can be seen, in the center there is a perforation which enables the listener to take a page off of the booklet and use it as a card, hang it on their wall, etc.
Case, CD and booklet together
Case, Sleeve and CD together
CD, Sleeve and Inner part of the case
Booklet coming out of the case
Everything on the table.
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