Faida aims to bring the neighborhood together with deals around the neighborhood and campaigns to its users. The store owners around these selected neighborhoods use Faida Esnaf, which is the business version of Faida application.​​​​​​​

Designing a neighborhood royalty application that helps its users find a Faida-partnered shop around the neighborhood, do shopping and collect reward points which could be converted into real money for monthly dues of the building they live in.

•  Product Manager
•  Product Designer (Myself)
•  Development Team


•  Sketch, Principle, Zeplin, Adobe Illustrator (for brand design)
•  iOS, Android, Marketing Website

As the product designer on the project, I have done a research for similar neighborhood loyalty experiences, however I did not stumble upon such product idea as Faida. Furthermore, the QR code loyalty experience has been around for some time, so I had prepared user flows in order to begin wireframing process. 

Pain Points
•  Must be easy to use with merchants, like a QR code system
•  Should be limiting users while gaining reward points daily in order to prevent fraud
•  A merchant application for QR code reading and giving award points needed

Feature Ideas
•  Getting connected with other neighbors via messaging on the app
•  Campaign listing and filtering
•  Wallet design
•  QR code view
•  Transactions and gain overview
•  Rating and commenting on neighborhood shops
First Draft & Prototyping
Designed the first drafts and generated prototypes for stakeholder meetings in order to understand their needs from the product.

After gathering input from stakeholders, I've begun design iterations and showcased revised components and screens in order to resolve pain points. The iteration process did not take that much time since the stakeholders were backing me because they trusted my royalty programme know-how and most of my design decisions were approved with little iterations.

Final Design
The usage of structured and reusable user interface elements had accelerated the product design process and I was able to handoff high fidelity screens to the development teams very quickly. I was able to deliver our final designs on time, even though the time frame was short for Faida and Faida Business mobile apps, including its marketing website design.
Social feature

•  The product design process had taken about 4 months to complete with punctual deliveries. This had enabled development teams to meet their deadlines and therefore the stakeholders were satisfied.
•  Using a design system with reusable components has accelerated the UI design process, so there were more time to iterate certain UX flows to make the apps better.
•  Very happy to have worked in a retail royalty project, gave me a chance to showcase my know-how from my previous royalty and lifestyle application, ZUBİZU.
Faida promotional website
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