Welcome. I am Mert.

I am an artist and creator that takes producing music and designing interfaces as a way of living.

I started making music in 2006 as an amateur beatmaker. I made one or two instrumental albums back in the day with a friend from school. As the years have passed, we went separate ways.

Since then, I have never stopped making beats. Near my college graduation, I started using Grains as my stage name and started writing lyrics along with my beats. In college, I studied Visual Arts and Communication Design. As my graduation project, I designed the corporate identity of Grains. I designed a typeface to express Grains’ music, called Grains Type, also I made an Arduino-powered, touch-to-play music album by only using conductive paint on paper and copper tape.

As I began to understand the possibilities that could be done with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, I wanted to get closer to coding world. After my graduation, I started working here as a researcher and got whatever I can get from these eager-to-teach, beautiful friends there, Selçuk Artut, Alp Tuğan, Kerim Atay and Murat Durusoy. I have worked on a couple of projects such as these. They gave me a little tutorial about the real life after you graduate. Kudos to that.

When it was time to move forward, I started working here, actually I had worked there as an intern before, but its name was Pozitron. When I came back as a full time user interface designer, it was already acquired by Monitise. As you can see on Crunchbase, it got acquired again by Fiserv. Funny right? I have changed three different companies by sitting on the same chair.

As a user interface designer for web and mobile applications, I have worked with companies like Zubizu, Mobilet, İş Bankası, Faida and so on. I believe user experience design and interface design are inseparable, so I challenge myself in that area, too. Oh, I also do sound design for mobile games.

Currently, I am open to freelance projects, so if you like my story and my work, feel free to holla at me here for job offerings.

I know it was exhausting, but you’ve made it, so here is a game for you:
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