Enterprise Payments Platform (working title: Dovetail) is a web application for money transfering oversight by Fiserv, one of the world’s leading fintech companies.
The Challenge

Reconstructing and redesigning the outdated user experience and interface elements of an operational banking product that enables oversight, analyzation and control of money transfers across the globe.
The TEAM and my role

•  Senior Project Manager
•  Senior UI Designer (Myself)
•  Senior UX Designer
•  Senior Business Analyst
•  In-house & 3rd Party Development Teams

•  Sketch, Figma, InVision, Zeplin
•  Desktop Web
Working close with the UX team, we have researched for operational banking products which have similar skillsets as EPP (Enterprise Payments Platform) and gathered necessary information about resolving certain pain points that EPP had.

Pain Points
•  Complex site navigation
•  Lack of guides & onboarding
•  Inconsistent usage of UI elements
•  Old look & feel of the UI

Feature Ideas
•  Setting up a design system according to Fiserv's guidelines
•  Main navigation redesign
•  Advanced filtering side-menu design
•  Timeline view for money actions
•  Smart search function
•  Customized transaction inquiry generation UX flow

First Draft & Prototyping
Designed the first drafts and generated prototypes for stakeholder meetings in order to gather intel from actual users of the product. I have set up the design system according to Fiserv's company guidelines and created reusable design components for future use.

After gathering input from stakeholders, I've worked on design iterations and showcased revised components and screens in order to resolve pain points. The iteration process has taken quite some time because I had to obey certain corporate design guidelines, while trying to set a more up-to-date and more usable user interface and experience design. The challenge was that the design guidelines I've received were a bit outdated, so I had to do my best in order to meet both ends.

Final Design
The usage of structured and reusable user interface elements had accelerated the product design process and we were able to handoff our high fidelity screens to the development teams very quickly. Even though the timing frame was short, we were able to deliver our final designs on time.
Final design showing Transaction Inquiry feature with deleted condition tooltip
Summary and Learnings

•  The product design process had taken about a year to complete with punctual deliveries. This had enabled development teams to meet their deadlines and therefore the stakeholders were satisfied.
•  Designing according to an existing design guideline has generated many pain points for me as a designer. Sometimes, I had to bend rules in order to complete design components and getting those changes approved sometimes took weeks.
•  Very happy to have worked in a massive fintech project, it gave me a great know-how of designing web applications for oversight of money transfering.
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